Chroma, 2021 (Microscopi)

I call // They say // My well // Personal light // Lisbon dream // You made a monster // Coup d’état // Broken song // Every time we fall // Don’t tell me lies // Hidden tides

CHROMA is the third solo album by Albert Freixas, which follows his critically acclaimed previous efforts ‘{u}’ (RHRN, 2011) and Oopalana (RedB, 2018).

With this new offering, the musician and composer certifies his genuinely unique voice which refuses to follow trends to offer a vision that stands the test of time with remarkable artistic value.

With top guest collaborations such as Jordi Gardeñas on drums and Tom Warburton on double bass, two highly respected jazzmen from the Barcelona scene, David Calvo on tenor sax and the Australian-based musician Leticia Nischang on female background vocals, CHROMA is refreshing and personal, where Freixas follows on his own footsteps in genre-blending and often surprising the listener, while stating once and clearer than ever his love for jazz and all the great interpreters of this genre.

Songs such as ‘Broken song‘, in which Gardeñas and Warburton are an unstoppable rhythm section onto which Freixas lays the rest of classic-cut instrumentation (guitars, Rhodes and harmonised vocals), turning it into a powerful and evocative piece, an ode to the loving of imperfection, the power to identify our own weaknesses and the connection to our intrinsic and often forgotten self-love.

David Calvo’s solo teleports us to the golden age of hard bop, or to when Coltrane came up with the unexpected and brilliant ‘A love supreme’, to which Freixas tries to pay homage to from his deepest humility.

On a conceptual level, this vinyl cherishes the sheer beauty of our human existence, constantly undervalued in Western society in favour of the evils of capitalism and its fierce consumerism.

Its lyrics reach a certain degree of maturity and, stepping away from his previous more autobiographical content, they talk about universal themes such as our fear to live and the bravery to keep on growing as individuals (Personal light, Coup d’état), toxic separations (You made a monster), the mind and ego’s look labyrinths but, overall, about LOVE as the only true antidote for the contemporary social downfall.

12 tracks that caress your soul, which are a good fix of love, and which transparently show once again an artist committed to his work and in love with MUSIC.


{u}, 2011 (Gat Records)

Cops crus // A flor de pell // Il·lusió // Si estens amor //
Nòmina // Crack Attack // Un gran dia //
Defensa l’aire! // Furniture Burning

Oopalana, 2018 (Red B Records)

Easy days // On/Standby // Now isnwhen. Here is where //
A sudden turn // Armed to the teeth // Out of the loop //
Summer came // Can’t decide // Obelisk1 // Preciousness