A singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist of considerably long and extended career, Freixas began his professional journey way back in the year 2000 while he was living in London.

There, he forged himself as a solid performer, both solo or in several projects, being on stage or as a session musician. He was a member of pioneer underground projects mixing live jazz and other genres with spoken word, such as The Ventriloquist Band, which later would become the seed for TONGUE FU, a successful poetic live jam directed by Chris Redmond and backed by the Arts Council England, where talented artists such as Kate Tempest have made themselves a name. (

Back in Barcelona, Freixas joined the newly formed band ix!, a cult reference in the Catalan and Spanish indie pop scene, with whom he published 4 albums and a soundtrack for a film as well as carrying out hundreds of gigs around Catalonia, Spain and France.

Meanwhile, Freixas released his debut album ‘{U}’ (RHRN, 2011) which received rave reviews from the specialised press and which made him tour the Catalan, Spanish and French territory again.

His second effort, ‘Oopalana’, recorded entirely using layers of acoustic guitars and vocals and dedicated to his grandmother, came in 2018 and was again praised by the media. A distinct voice seemed to have arrived.

Now he’s back with ‘Chroma’, his most daring work to date, in which we can find some a capella numbers, paired with some free jazz intros, soothing vocal harmonies and, above all, the proof that we are in front of an artist with a unique voice that has finally come to stay.